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Who Are We?

Who Are We?

Adventurer's MK was created to provide an outdoor bushcraft experience for boys and girls up to the aged of 18. The nature of our program helps to build character by learning the skills to become healthier through open air exercise, and also learning confidence, self-reliance and problem solving techniques to assist in overcoming hardships that could effect them in later life. We train our young people to carry out self-risk assessments on the activities they undertake to ensure they recognise the dangers for themselves and learn to either avoid them or find safer alternatives. 


Everyone in Adventurer's MK is equal, young and old. When we meet or camp we form a circle so that everyone can be seen, heard and take part in decision making and everyone is given a chance to share their opinions and experiences, which gives our members the opportunity to shape the things that we do.


In our work with children and young people, we respect and defend their individual rights, and encourage them to participate responsibly, in all aspects of Adventurer's MK activities and that of the community as a whole


What We Do?

Adventurer's MK meet weekly to take part in fun bushcraft  and survival skill activities, including Fire Lighting, First Aid, Navigation, Water generation and Filtration, Backwoods Cooking, Knife and Axe work, Den Building, Team Leadership and a variety of other essential skills that can stand them in good stead for years to come.


We seek to develop in our members an awareness of the world. We will work to develop the knowledge, attitudes, values and skills necessary for them to act to secure their equal participation that will enable them to bring about the changes that they feel are necessary to create a more equal and caring community.


We also encourage an understanding of the need to work towards a world where we provide for the needs of everyone on the planet now and in the future without destroying the physical environment. We aim to educate our members about issues of environmental and social sustainability and how this relates to their own lifestyles and other people’s actions.

Emergency Rescue Team

As adults, we want our children to feel safe and not worry about potential emergencies, but we also know that disasters can happen anywhere and quite often without warning, and we want children to know what steps to take to be able to stay safe during and after such an event.


Our Emergency Rescue Training program will teach them how to prepare for emergencies and disasters, and to train them to become leaders in family preparedness. This program can help children and families not only to be better prepared but more resilient should a disaster occur in their area.


The types of programs we will be covering are; Fire preparedness: the do’s and don’ts of encountering a fire. First Aid: lifesaving skills and how to recognise the symptoms before they develop into a medical emergency. Flooding: how to respond to a major flood, and how to safeguard your home and valuables.


Who Can Join?

We welcome all children, young people and adults from all faiths, backgrounds and beliefs who wish to become members of the Organisation. We will combat oppression or discrimination, whether on grounds of age, class, gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, or a previous criminal conviction (that does not create risk to children or young people).


Adventurer's MK are split into age ranges:

Mini Adventurer’s (2 – 6)

Adventurers (6 – 13)

Pioneers (14 – 18)




To keep our costs low, we encourage our members to help raise funds through the various fundraising activities that are carried out throughout the year.

Are you an online shopper? With your next purchase, can I ask that you use the following link to help us raise vital funds for our Troop - It will not cost you any more than your normal shop, but a small cashback donation will be made by the retail store to us.
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How To Get Involved

Join Us

Details on how to get involved can be found under the "Our Troop" tab.


For all enquires or other general questions please use the comments box below.

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Costs involved


Costs Involved

We provide a value-for-money range of exciting and challenging activities for your child. The costs involved are outlined below. If you feel you may have trouble taking part in any of our activities for financial reasons, please speak to the Group Leader as some assistance may be available.



We do offer a polo shirt with the group’s colours and logo as part of our uniform (these can be purchased for £15.00). Although we would like to encourage every troop member to wear a uniform, we recognise the individual’s right not to do so.


Purchase your Adventurer's Clothing directly from:








Adventurer's MK charge 'subs' to cover costs like equipment, venue hire, Insurance and badges.

The current level of subs payable is £5.00 per session. These can be paid weekly, monthly or each term depending on your own financial preference. For events like camps, trips or adventure days, an additional charge is usually made.





We Are Here

Our Thursday Sessions run from:


Fishermead Trinity Centre


Milton Keynes


Tel: 07747716453

Thursday 5pm - 7pm

Our Home Ed, Weekend and Event sessions are held at Dimmocks Pit, Bletchley Road, Milton Keynes. MK17 0AA

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