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Outline Task List for Volunteers

Below are a concise list of tasks for volunteer roles within Adventurers MK, necessary to function at what is considered best practice.

The activities are not prescriptive and, if required can be combined or altered to suit local conditions. However, there must be a clear understanding of what the volunteer’s task are in any role that the volunteer might carry out on behalf of Adventurers MK.

All volunteering roles within Adventurers MK require an Enhanced Disclosure by the Data & Barring Service DBS (formerly known as CRB)

Group Roles;

Group Helper –

  • While waiting for their DBS they will continually be in the presence of two other DBS checked volunteers and not given any child care responsibilities.

Group Helper (DBS) –

  • Take on an active role as agreed with the Leaders

  • Encourage and help the young people to participate fully in the activities

  • Are aware of Adventurers MK Aims and Principles, Code of Conduct, Child Protection Policy and Safety Guidelines.

  • Is fully supported and supervised by the Group Leader or other assigned responsible person.

Group Leader –

  • Ensures the group is run according to the Aims and Principles and Programme of Adventurers MK.

  • In co-operation with others (including young people) plans and co-ordinates the activities of the group.

  • Where necessary supervises and empowers helpers to lead activities and be involved.

  • Attends Group and Executive meetings.

Group helpers and Group Leaders may have other tasks that they carry out on behalf of their group or Executive.

Group Treasurer –

  • Collect subs and event booking fees.

  • Keeps good Group accounts

  • Prepares financial reports for Group meetings.

  • Prepares end of year accounts for AGM and passes to Executive Treasurer for consolidation into Executive accounts.

Group Co-ordinator –

  • Oversees the group activities and provides its contact details.

  • Ensures the group is functioning well and working within the Adventurers MK Constitution, its Aims and Principles and Programme.

  • Calls group meetings.

  • Encourages the group to take part in local, national and international events.

  • Receive complaints and grievances.

  • Ensures all adults are made aware of group programme.

Group Secretary –

  • Keeps a copy of all the young people’s health forms.

  • Keeps records of all children attending the group.

  • Processes membership applications.

  • Pursues applicants’ references.

  • Keeps up to date records of all adult volunteers in the group.

  • Takes minutes at group meetings.

  • Distributes minutes and correspondence to group members

  • Receives and distributes letters.

  • Registers the young person onto the DofE, and ensures progress   is recorded correctly.


Executive Roles;

Executive Co-ordinator / Chair –

  • Oversees the Executive and its groups

  • Is the contact number for Adventurers MK.

  • Ensures the Executive functions within its constitution.

  • Calls Executive meetings and draws up an agenda.

  • Ensures group are functioning well and working within the Bushcraft Constitution, its Aims and Principles and Programme.

  • Acts as contact for new and existing volunteers.

  • Receives and distributes letters

  • Encourages group to take part in Executive, local, national and international events.

  • Receive complaints and grievances.

Executive Volunteer Co-ordinator –

  • Acts as contact for new and existing volunteers.

  • Helps recruit and place volunteers.

  • Develops effective partnerships with individuals and organisations that can support the local volunteering strategy.

  • Plans, organises and co-ordinates the induction of all new volunteers.

  • Help volunteers develop the knowledge, skills and competence they need, both to fulfil their roles within Adventurers MK and as part of their personal development.

  • Gathers and records personal information about volunteers, stores this information securely and uses it only for agreed purposes in line with data protection legislation.

  • Provides volunteer support.

  • Conducts exit interviews.

Executive Treasurer –

  • Keeps good Executive accounts.

  • Prepares financial report for Executive meetings.

  • Reimburses volunteer expenses.

  • Gives annual account at Executive AGM.

  • Keeps records of Gift Aid declarations.

Executive Secretary –

  • Takes minutes at Executive Meetings

  • Distributes minutes and correspondence to Executive Members.

  • Sends letters as directed by Executive Committee.

  • Receives letters.

Executive Safeguarding Officer –

  • Has training in the area of child protection.

  • Provides training to new volunteers in safeguarding.

  • Keeps up to date with current legislation regarding child protection policies.

  • Is responsible for ensuring that procedures regarding child protection (inc. Health and Safety, checking volunteers etc) are followed.

  • Is ready to intervene in any hazardous situation involving a child and encourage others to do as well.

  • Is the first port of call for any leader, helper ect, who has concerns about a child.

  • Liaises with (and at times pass on information to) the statutory child protection agencies.

  • Is first port of call during emergencies on expeditions.


The Moral Compass


As an Adventurer, I promise to always do my best,

To treat others with dignity and respect.

To protect our planet

And preserve our freedom.

How to get involved

Join Us

Become an adult volunteer and help young people develop and grow.


To register your interest in volunteering or to register your child please complete either the Adult or Young Person Registration Forms, and return it to us at:















The John Muir Awards

Wild places are vital


Wild places give us wonder and enjoyment. If treated well, they provide a valuable home for nature. They give us food, fuel, flood prevention, clean water, fresh air and carbon storage. They give us space to relax and de-stress.


Yet in the UK, our wild places have suffered great damage. Development has encroached. We’ve lost most of our native woodlands and other important habitats. The wildlife that lived in them has gone too. We've depleted our soils of nutrients and hunted key species to extinction.


Now is the time to take positive action. Wild land is a precious, finite resource that we need to cherish.  Adventurer's MK plan to do just that.




Duke of Cornwall Community Safety Awards

The Duke of Cornwall Community Safety Award is open to all young people aged between 5 and 18 within uniformed youth organisations.

It is run as a three tier system with awards earned at various ages. Each award has a list of suggested activities for young people to undertake at home and in their group. They are asked to complete a certain number of tasks in each category to gain the award.

They can move through levels in a supportive and safe environment as they get older. For example, for the home award, children are asked to draw a map of an escape route from their home while older teenagers can visit neighbours or assist in post incident recovery work.



The Adventurer's Handbook

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